May 28, 2021

Music and Marketing - Marketing Funnel

Alex Bilney

Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin is today’s tune!

The song is about being lost on a journey and needing some direction to get back on track - we’ve all been there right!?

In many ways, marketing centers around taking a customer on a journey… yes, that sounds cheesy, but it’s completely true!

At the start, they know nothing about you or your product, but you take them on a journey through awareness, interest, commitment and in the end they become a (hopefully loyal!) customer.

A common way of visualising this journey is as a marketing funnel.

The funnel is the set of interactions or ‘conversions’ needed before the customer can reach the end goal of making a purchase.

If you’re wondering why it’s funnel-shaped, it’s because lots of people take the first step (eg, access your site or see your posts on social media), but like any epic journey adventure saga worth its salt, not every character makes it to the end.

Typically people tend to drop out at each stage of the funnel.

So how do you ensure your customers don’t get lost along the way?

Nurture your leads by building valuable relationships and reaching out multiple times.

And ensure there is activity to nurture them at every stage of the funnel, not just at the top.

Oh, and widen your funnel! Capture more leads by finding more niches to broaden your audiences, increase brand awareness and up your inbound marketing!