May 7, 2021

Music and Marketing - Driving Traffic

Erica Mackay

For the first song in this series, which looks at the links to marketing in some of our favourite tunes, we are talking about "driving in my car" by madness - a real head-bopper.

It’s all about the importance of acknowledging the small things in life such as driving in your car with the window down. A nice reminder to notice the little joys!


But driving is an important concept in digital marketing, too… driving traffic, that is!


Traffic is the people that access your website. This can be the ones that come from media links or URL type-ins (direct), those that come from social media campaigns or email (campaign) or organic and paid search traffic (search).


Businesses often succeed in setting up a blog or website but fall at the second hurdle…getting people to actually visit!!


Admittedly, It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get people to notice your site because of the abundance of competition.


So, how do you successfully drive traffic to your website?


To get people to notice you, implement the best tried and true methods.

SEO optimization and paid ads can drive traffic and profits, but it can get costly!


If you have a smaller budget, create free, engaging and high quality content that will push people to additional (paid) content or link articles on your LinkedIn to position yourself as an expert and build trust.


Plus, tools such as google analytics can track your traffic and ensure you know where it is coming from and therefore where to scale up your efforts! 

Be patient and invest your time.. it doesn’t happen overnight.


And, in the spirit of the song,  remember to appreciate the little wins. Aim high but, as Suggs would say, be ‘satisfied you’ve got this far’. What a cool dude.