June 11, 2021

Music and Marketing - Branding

Alex Bilney

Express Yourself by Madonna is this week’s song choice! 

The Queen of Pop has a good knack for branding (or, a really good marketing team behind her!) 

So when Madonna says express yourself, it’s not a bad idea to listen and learn… 

When it comes to branding, companies can sometimes get their wires crossed! 

When we say branding, we’re not just asking about what packaging you are using or what your logo looks like...  It should be so much more than that! 

Alongside the important visual elements, your brand also encapsulates the ethos, purpose, goals, character, unique selling points and tone of voice of your company and products… the whole shebang. 

And, arguably above else, you should create a brand that expresses your values and beliefs.

This will make you stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

It can also lead customers to associate meaning to a product and provide a more valuable and memorable experience, creating trust and making them feel reassured. 

Your branding needs to be individual and strong,to the point where it can live and breathe anywhere. 

Just look at the big names e.g. Coca Cola, Apple, Starbucks. They all have one thing in common, their names extend past their product (e.g. Starbucks comes across more than just a cup of coffee). 

These brands are well-known, generally adored, and chosen out of a long line of different brands offering the same products. 

How have they done it? Well… It’s all in the brand. 

Here are five key steps to help you form your brand:

  1. Establish your target audience (Isn't this ALWAYS the first step? 😀)
  2. Decide on your mission statement. What's the problem you solve?
  3. Ask yourself, what are your values and beliefs? What is your personality?
  4. Then from there… create your slogan and your visual assets.
  5. Find your brand voice and put that brand to work!