CLUE Review

Full review and audit of your marketing
Detailed brand guideline
Customer profile
End to end marketing strategy
Actionable implementation plan

Our signature service is the CLUE review. This “done for you”, end to end, marketing strategy comes complete with a full implementation plan that can be executed in-house or if you prefer, with our assistance.

Our CLUE review involves us running a workshop with the key stake holders of your business to deep dive into your business to understand the essence of what makes your business unique, believe us, there is something!

With a mixture of time spent with you, and research into the market, we will investigate into these 4 areas of your business and marketplace.

Using the CLUE review To Set You Up For Success

A CLUE review will produce a full - service report as well as a plan to execute these findings ...


The customer is the foundation of any business. We look to see if your communications and positioning align with your target market characteristics and understand the value you are driving for them.


We scan the competitor landscape and understand the threats and opportunities this presents and evaluate your offering vs what is currently available in the market.


We use SAVE to understand the strength of your unique selling proposition and your customers’ reason to believe:
S – Solution
A – Access
V – Value
E – Education


We find areas in which you can improve the overall customer experience and identify how to boost your customers’ engagement with your brand.

Creative thinking is at the core of our marketing strategies. We will pull out all the strengths and weakness of your business and develop a highly specific marketing strategy that will “squeeze the lemon” to get the most out of your existing efforts, and how to further grow your business beyond that.

Our implementation plan considers the systems and resources you currently have and is tailored as such, plus recommendations on and directions on how to develop these to aid the growth of your business.

Each business is different which is why we tailor our packages to your business.